Monday, March 28, 2011

Start Of My Walk.

This past weekend I went to my last impact weekend and it was very emotional for me. I had to say goodbye to the one thing that would keep me sane when I needed it the most. God would always put me on the right track when I would veer off from my negative surroundings. However, I did realize that that wasn't the reason why God wanted me to be in impact. It wasn't because it was supposed to be something to keep me on track, it was supposed to be kind of like a training camp for the rest of my life. I've been in impact for the past four years, and those four years were to teach me about God's love and will for man so that I could go off to the world and teach everyone else all that I've been taught. I was told about a man who wouldn't put his head to rest on his pillow until he told at least one person about Jesus. That was so inspiring to me and it makes me want to do incredible things for Jesus around the world. I keep getting this thought in my head that Jesus is going to use me for something more, something much bigger than I could ever imagine. This weekend, He filled my heart and sent me out to do His will. I want to come back to impact next year, but I feel that God wants me to move on. I feel like He trusts me to go off to college and be strong in Him. And I'm starting to believe that I'm ready.


  1. hehe I would be able to post a comment better if I could read the font better. I feel as if I'm reading one worded sentences just to figure out what some of the letters are. :)

  2. glasses. their on sale at walmart :)