Wednesday, May 25, 2011

True Love.

This is to all you people out there who claim they're in love with their significant other and say they know what they want in a guy/girl. When asked what people want in another person, they say stuff like personality, looks, eyes, humor, and all that. Lets go a little deeper. Someone who you get along with so well, someone who you can have fun with, someone who gets along with all of your friends, someone your parents love, someone who is your best friend. Someone who will hold you when you feel alone, hold your hand when you're scared, and to have a shoulder for you to cry on. That all sounds like such a wonderful relationship. Like someone you'd want to marry. Well, before you marry them, we're going to go a little deeper. If you really love this person, you NEED to be WILLING to do ANYTHING for them. And when I say anything, I literally mean ANYTHING!! One of the crap parts about life is that its unpredictable, and bad things can happen. Lets say your significant other gets in a terrible car accident and has permanent brain damage or gets so sick that they can't take care of themselves anymore? If you love them, you will be the one to step up and do it without complaining, not even once. This may include changing them, getting them out of bed, brushing their teeth, giving them a bath, and even having to go to the bathroom with them and wiping for them. Sounds gross right? I beg to differ. Regardless of the fact that those are some disgusting tasks, I think its beautiful. I pray that this would never happen to anyone, but it sometimes does and you need to be ready for it. When you know you would be willing to wipe someones butt for them without complaining because you love them that much. That's true love.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


When most of us think about happiness, we think about the things that make us happy and we could make a list of everything that does. But why do we consider the things we have or don't have, define our happiness? Just because you don't have the shoes that everyone else has, it turns your day into a bad day. Or if you do have something others don't, you become happy because you've one up-ed them. So you being better than someone makes you happy? Yes, there are those few people who are just happy that they finally got something they've been wanting for a long time and earned it. But I really want you to think, isn't the main reason you get excited about some things you get is because you know someone else doesn't have it? Whether you think you do or not, everyone has done it at lease once in our life, and that kind of sounds similar to seeing someone hurt to be happy. When you rub it in their face (even if you say you are just telling them, you're not, you're rubbing it in) it hurts them and you get that sense of dominance or that you're better than them. Why do we have to be so cruel? We do this without knowing it and it makes it even more sad that this is something that we've sort of supposed to function like. Its what the world has made our minds into and it breaks my heart. This is what happens when we conform to the patterns of the world. So lets not. Lets change it and be different. Stop trying to be better than everyone. Stop trying to determine your happiness on what you have or don't have. Determine it on making yourself happy and making it happen yourself. One thing I know that truly makes most people happy is when they've done something for another person to make them happy. Just be happy. Sure, there are going to be some bad things that happen or even sad things, and its ok to take some time to mourn if needed, but don't let it take over your life. We need to keep moving forward because nothing is going to wait for you in the past. Only in the future. That what you need to pursue. Not the past. But you be too dependent on the future either because you'll forget to live now. Today is a gift, that's why they call it present. If we all really relied on the world to make us happy. We would be really messed up because the world is a messed up place and chances are that its going to disappoint you more than it impress you. And just take some time to relax a little each day. Take a breather. Don't think about anything. Just empty your mind and relax. It helps you to calm down if you're having a bad day. I'm not going to tell you ways to make you happy, that for you to decide.